A selection of Australia’s best! Taylor Ferguson wines are sourced from a variety of Australia’s best grape growing regions.
Fernanda The First Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold Medal) - HK$260.00
Taylor Ferguson Director Reserve Shiraz (Silver Medal) - HK$170.00
Taylor Ferguson Premium Selection Shiraz (Bronze Medal) - HK$110.00

Echidna wines offer exceptional value for money and have gained overwhelming popularity, in Australia and overseas. The grapes are chosen from quality vineyards throughout South Eastern Australia.
ECHIDNA wines are well balanced and feature dominant fruit flavours. They are soft, medium-bodied wines that accompany all dishes and suit all tastes.

Echidna Semillon Sauvignon Blanc - HK$90.00
This rich and flavoursome wine is a well-balanced blend with lovely citrus overtones and a mouth-filling palate. French and crisp, this wine is best enjoyed young.

Echidna Shiraz Cabernet - HK$95.00
This wine has a deep rich colour, a fruity bouquet and a soft, well-balanced palate. A perfect accompaniment to hearty pasta dishes and roasts.

Echidna Shiraz Merlot - HK$95.00
This well-balanced wine has delicate fruit flavor dominating the palate. The ripe berry characteristics of Shiraz and blended with Merlot to create a soft, medium-bodied wine elegance.

Echidna Cabernet Merlot - HK$95.00
Echidna Cabernet Merlot has a lovely rich red color and a bouquet exhibiting lively fruit characters. It is full and firm on the palate yet soft and well-rounded by the addition of Merlot. Enjoy with your favourite meat dish or hearty pasta.

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